Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to change Ringtone and Notification tone without any App?

On Android platform, its little bit difficult to add custom ringtones and notification tones. Finally I found how to add custom ringtones and blah blah.. Its really easy and need to create some folders that's all...

1) First you need to create 3 folders namely ringtones, alarms and  notifications...

2) Create it in media/audio...

3) Now place appropriate tones in appropriate folders...

4) Now you can select these tones in Settings => Sounds => Phone Ringtones...
Note: These folders may already be there in some phones. If its there place your Custom ringtones and notifications. If not follow the following instructions.


  1. ok now for the dumb question - please tell me where the Media/audio file is :-) cheers Kerrie

  2. create it, like I sy in 2nd steps :)

  3. do i need to restart my phone to make the changes work?

  4. How to set an .ogg format as ring tone..!!???

    1. the same way with mp3 format, put your ogg file in the media/audio/ringtone folder


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