Thursday, August 1, 2013

Air Call-Accept, SGS4's features on your SGYD | apps

Air Call-Accept

Hey SGYD's users, wanna try one of the Samsung Galaxy S4 feature on your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos ???
Now you can use "Air Call Accept" feature, on your SGYD. This feature is familiar for SGS4, which allows users to answer calls by simply swiping over the infrared sensor located near the earpiece. It’s most definitely a very useful (and fun) feature, allowing you to answer calls by merely bringing the phone next to your ear, or without getting your potentially grotty hands all over the screen.

Good thing is, though, your SGYD don’t have infrared sensor, with SGYD's proximity sensors, you also can enjoy this. Inspired by the original Samsung feature, XDA Senior Member Williams.Joe developed Air Call-Accept, a free app which—you guessed it—allows you to answer calls without touching the device. As alluded to earlier, this is done by simply waving or coming within the range before the proximity sensor, meaning answering calls is as easy as holding the device next to your ear, as one usually would when speaking on the phone. When trying out Air Call-Accept, please be mindful that certain bugs may be present, as some users have reported that calls are being automatically accepted when the device is in an small enclosed area, such as the pocket or the bag.

So if you’re are interested in giving this a go, you can download it via playstore here. No root needed


  1. Hey when i start camera in SGYD it says :
    Camera failed
    ErrorMessageHandler.handleMessage (1)
    Plz help me

    1. the error arrive after you installed the apps ?

  2. Play store my device not supportd galaxy y duos

  3. alternative download link


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