Saturday, September 15, 2012

Download android apps from play store to your computer with apk downloader

Downloading android apps from Google Play Store directly to PC/Laptop is become a dream of all android lover. Especially, If their gadget doesn't have internet access or only have limited internet access. So, I hope after reading this tutorial,  they will get a solution.

How to:
1.If you use google chrome v17 (you can see in the menu option located at the top right exactly under the close button, then select "about google chrome"), you can skip this first step, but if you have a version below or doesn't have google chrome you can download and install google chrome, you can donwload it from here. (Why use google chrome? Because applications that use plug-in downloader from google chrome)
2.Download & Install APK Downloader from here
3.Right-click google chrome icon on your desktop, go to the Properties option, and then add the code:
for example, the addition of the code:
C:\…\chrome.exe --ignore-certificate-errors
“C:\…\chrome.exe” –ignore-certificate-errors
4.Run Chrome using the shortcut you just modified.
5. Go back to APK Downloader's settings page (Wrench tool icon –> Tools –> Extensions) and you should no longer see a red message. The page should look like the right half of the screenshot below. If you no longer see a red message, you are good to go and can proceed to the next step. If you see a red message, go back to the beginning of this guide and try again.

8.Fill the email and device ID (like a serial number) from your android phone. To find out the device ID, you type in  *#*#8255#*#* . Examples android-1234567890abcdef then your device ID is 1234567890abcdef
Or you can also find out your mobile device id by downloading & Install Device ID from Play store. The 16-character string after android- is what you need to enter in the Android Device ID field.
9. After that, you open the app you want to download in google play store via google chrome, by clicking android icon on the upper right next to the URL address  

10. Apps have downloaded to your PC and after finish you can move it to your android device.....

Note : If you are confused, you can look directly at the official website here
or you can see the video below

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